The Church Caters to the People

The Diverse Church 

Megachurch leaders designed today’s church ministries to cater to the needs of the particular context they are in.  As a result, they have a variety of congregations. The preaching style and the genre of worship music already vary within churches in a city.  For example, if we flesh out the details of their congregation, we will find stark differences in every church. However, megachurches have an advantage over other churches. They can cater to a wide array of needs due to their very nature.  

Social observers have time and again likened the megachurch to a shopping mall. The consumer-driven ministries are viewed as seasonal offerings. Consequently, you can liken them to specialized boutiques. People come in and out of the mall depending on what they need. 

On the other hand, people can think of the core ministries as anchor stores. Their existence continues to draw people to enter the church even if the need for seasonal offerings falls. This structure provides members a continuous supply of activities to suit their needs and tastes. Meanwhile, it also gives active volunteers the option to choose which particular ministry they want to serve. Therefore, in the megachurch, there is something for everyone. 

Ministries in the Traditional Church

The traditional church has a limited number of ministries, and perhaps the only art-based ministry they have is the choir. However, in the megachurch, people are given more opportunities to use their natural talents in the arts.

Aside from the music team, most megachurches also have dance troupes, video presentations, and interpretative dancing. Those gifted in making visual arts can use their talent to create posters for the weekly sermon and special events, and the painters create backdrops for the stage. Several churches are even known to do elaborate stage plays and musical performances during special events and holidays, involving the children doing Sunday school as they do. 

The weekly worship services held by the megachurch further prove the variety. While local churches only commonly hold a weekly Sunday service, megachurches conduct various services throughout the week to cater to different people and leanings. For instance, there will be Wednesday services for working young professionals, Friday evening services catered to the youth, Saturday prayer meetings, and Sunday services are separated by language for multi-racial congregations.

Worship styles can also differ as the worship team adjusts this based on the crowd they are serving. Overall gives people the option to choose a particular service and time that works best for them.  

Targetting Specific Groups

This also helps the megachurch narrow down their statistics and connect with their target groups of audience.

The youth attending Friday services will find it easier to know their crowd and make friends. In contrast, the internationals attending language-specific Sunday services will immediately feel a sense of belonging, thus making it easier for the leaders to reach out to them.

The singles ministry won’t have too much difficulty gathering people for relationship-themed training and events as most people are already together in one service.

In contrast, those who joined the dance troupe have an automatic set of acquaintances they have something in common with. 

Family-centered events such as Mothers’ Day Outs and game nights provide both parents and children the avenue to build relationships with their own age groups and life stages. Since the megachurch is large, the narrowed audiences per service and ministry provide the avenue not to make people feel as if the large overall congregation swallows them up. 

Interestingly enough, even with the apparent segregation of different cultures and life-stages to make people feel more like they belong, megachurches also excel in integrating these people and blending different social statuses, races, and life groups. As such, a megachurch experiences higher involvement and participation rates from its members than other churches.

There is the value given to volunteerism and social activity. Because the structure itself needs hundreds if not thousands of workers to function, even the non-committed members find themselves helping out. And eventually, it is through their volunteering that they become planted in the church even more. 

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A Prophetic Tale

It is a Prophetic Tale:

When I was a child, thinking about the future had always intrigued me. “Is there a way to see it?” is a question that always tingled in my mind. Growing up there were all these books that I’ve used to sincerely engage within the pursuit of an answer, from Dean Buonomano’s “Your Brain is a Time Machine” to historical texts and studies of the future. Kids in school used to push me around because of what I used to read. But I never ceased to follow what my heart was inspired and fascinated by; a free prophecy solely about my life’s Prophetic Tale.

It was a perpetuated dive into the science of the future. It was worth it, but then I realized that books of science weren’t the answer to a question that for so long both haunted and inspired my being. For so long, I searched for that free prophecy in the wrong place.

This resonated with a quote my mother has often repeated to me before she passed: “Sometimes the things you seek are right in front of you”; a saying that solidified in my heart. It was Christianity, the religion my mother taught me about, and one which I have been ignoring throughout the voyage of my life. It was about time I turned my focus towards what was true and holy. So I spent my time reading the bible and indulging in its mysteries.

A certain verse that piqued my curiosity read “Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets” (Amos 3:7), and as I studied further, it seemed to be that prophets and prophetesses can be the answer to my complicated question.

They are religious extensions to the sanctity of the Lord, and the purpose of it is not just to understand the substance of the future but to accomplish my instrumentality as a servant of God. Suddenly it wasn’t the future I only wanted. “What does God think about my decisions? Will I ever accomplish my pure desires? Does my innocent soul jeopardize the message of God?” I guess my childhood questions have grown different branches, vigorously dissimilar to what I was looking for. However, it finally felt like I was seeking something original; something true for Prophetic Tale.

My search included reading what stands in opposition to this religious theory. I am intrinsically convinced about what I believe in and stand in solidarity for. After graduating from college and working in different places around New York to reshape my life in a productive way.

I had the opportunity of attending a biblical educational talk hosted by Zoe Ministries church.

It was beautiful, and that’s all I can say. Archbishop Jordan – a man known for his spirituality – is the one that offered me my first prophetic prayer. This prophetic word is something I still do not fully understand, but what I do know is that weeks after, my life has changed. I am married to the loveliest woman that God blessed me with, and working as a successful chef at a prospering restaurant. I am writing this because I want to give back to him and to God for this blessing of a transformed life.


You can request a free prophetic prayer from archbishop Jordan anytime and anywhere. This beautiful and exquisite opportunity is something every proud Christian and servant of God deserves.


A Prophetic Tale


The Dry Season

The Dry Season is no doubt a tough season. You have probably gone through different moments in your life that have been characterized by a lack — whether it be a lack of motivation, a lack of resources, or a lack of confidence. It’s a season where you feel lack.

For believers, it’s usually called a spiritual dryness or a dry season. We cannot bring ourselves to speak a prophetic word, much alone a word of encouragement.

For believers, it’s usually called spiritual dryness or a dry season. We cannot bring ourselves to speak a prophetic word, much alone a word of encouragement. We feel that we cannot minister to others because we ourselves need to be encouraged. It’s when God is quiet — or we feel we cannot hear His voice or sense His presence as we once did — that we feel emptiness. There are seasons when God seems very distant.

One of the keys to getting through this challenging season is realizing that you are in the dry season and press through it. Know that despite the experience of lack and the feeling of distance between you and God, you are destined for abundance and that Christ is still in you. As you recognize that you are in this season, you must draw closer to Him. Do not wither up. Continue reading His Word. Speak to God even though He is quiet.

Check your heart when you find yourself in a dry season.

God is still on the throne. According to Psalm 37:7,

“Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for him to act.”

Check your heart when you find yourself in the dry season.


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God said, “For I know what I have planned for you. I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you. I have plans to give you a future filled with hope.” |
(Jer. 29:11).

Sin not only separates us from God, it also destroys the good plans the Lord desires for us.

Sin not only separates us from God, it also destroys the good plans the Lord desires for us. This is exactly what happened to Israel when they responded to God’s speech-act with stiff-necked disbelief. Supposed to be, the first generation of Israelites who went out of Egypt should directly enjoy the blessings of the Land of milk and honey. But while on their journey to Canaan, their murmurings and disputing had kindled the Lord’s anger. Doubt hindered them from possessing the promised blessings. And so, in Moses’ preaching in Deuteronomy 1:19-33, he recapped the consequences of Israel’s disbelief. Moses told them and the next generation,

Then we set out from Horeb and went through all that great and terrifying wilderness that you saw, on the way to the hill country of the Amorites, as the LORD our God commanded us. And we came to Kadesh-barnea. And I said to you, “You have come to the hill country of the Amorites, which the LORD our God is giving us. See, the LORD your God has set the land before you. Go up, take possession, as the LORD, the God of your fathers, has told you. Do not fear or be dismayed.” (Deuteronomy 1:19-21)


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You Were in Glory

Again Jesus asked his Father:

…glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was.

Before you came here, you were in glory. Now, looking at it from that perspective, all of you have sinned. How did you sin? Because when you came to earth you fell short of His glory. You fell from his glory to come \into His glory. You left a highly place to come down to a lowly place, to be lifted up again. Understand that the word glory is also translated from the Hebrew to mean wealth. So then, the glory of God on a person’s life is not necessarily that person’s ability to religious things.


The glory on a person’s life, is the ability to make manifest, and to make known the riches and wealth of God’s Kingdom on earth. I realize that you will need a good investor as a mentor, or someone to teach you the real estate game, and how to start businesses from scratch. All of those things are completely fine. I still maintain though that you need to find a spiritual mentor who has a revelation about wealth as your starting point.


A good spiritual leader will know how to point you in the right direction and connect you with the right people to increase the Glory of God in and on your life. A broke pastor will only break you, not because of malicious intent, but because you can only give to others that which you are.


The Book of the Month Club is a powerful group that opens your mind to the strongest possibilities.


Who is your spiritual mentor for abundance?

Be a Space of Inspiration

Enrollment begins with being authentic to your being. Jesus was authentic, and the people saw this. They were inspired by his authenticity to His true nature, as the Son of God.

When you are free of constrains from yourself and from others, a wide range of possibilities will begin to open up for you. You will no longer be confined by the limits of what you “should be”, but become inspired by the things that your freedom can make possible. Knowing that you can choose to do, be and say whatever you see fit and true to your nature, will make it easy for you to look ahead at what you can make of your life.

When you find something that you are truly inspired by, which follows that it is in accordance with your nature, you must enroll in this possibility. Enroll in it by giving it everything and committing to it. Do not doubt yourself or your abilities. If you can become truly inspired by a possibility, you can surely achieve it. Accomplishing this possibility is something that should come as naturally to you as becoming inspired by it in the first place.

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What inspires you? List five specific things that bring you inspiration to do something.

Who are You – If You are Your Word?

A lot of people overlook the value of integrity. However, without integrity, a person’s life will be infested by breakdowns — breakdowns in marriages, breakdowns in finances, breakdowns in parenting, and breakdowns in faith, etc.

When a person does not honor his word, chances are things in his life will fall part.

We are who we speak we are, and when what we speak does not translate into actions — then who we are become false — inauthentic.

At all costs, people with integrity honor their word. They know the cost when their integrity becomes damaged. Your commitment to honor your word allows you to live a powerful life. It may not be a popular way to live, but it allows you to create a space of workability for your life.

Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but he who makes his ways crooked will be found out. (Proverbs 10:9)

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Power of Prophecy

On your spiritual journal, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the answers to these questions:

  1. What are the promises you’ve made to yourself and to other people that matters to you?
  2. Have you ever failed a promise that you’ve spoken to a friend or someone dear to you? What happened?
  3. What are the common reactions you get when you break your promise?


Is God a slave to anything or to anyone? God is the Master of the Universe. He is Spirit and He is free to do whatever He wants according to His good and loving nature.
In the flesh, we are limited. We have experienced being enslaved by the power of sin. As we surrender our lives to Jesus, we are restored to our true nature.

We have been set free from sin and have become slaves to righteousness. (Romans 6:18)



As you identify negative labels that defined you in the past, you can now move forward towards breaking free from whatever has enslaved you in the past, sign up for this FREE Course and experience the Power of Prophecy to show you what God has in store for you in this season of your life:


Take out a piece of paper and do this activity. You can also share your comments in the comment box.

  • List up to five (5) labels that have been used about you (e.g. “smart girl”, “nagger”, “athletic one.”)

  •  Identify each label if it is “positive” or “negative.”

  • Identify where this label come from (be specific as possible, such as naming a specific person if you can).

  • Ask yourself, “Do I agree with this label?”

  • Ask yourself, “What advantages or disadvantages does each label have?”