The Power of Being Where You’re Supposed to Be

Do you still desire the power of the Holy Spirit to be evident in your life? Or, have you believed the lie of contentment for a quiet, uneventful life? People mistake Christianity for being boring because there is so many “rules”. How can Christianity be boring when you have the license to move in the supernatural because of the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life?


You were meant to display God’s power here in earth. It’s not reserved for who you might consider as spiritual giants. It’s not just for the pastors and bishops. It is for every believer who is willing to be used by God.


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Ask the Holy Spirit for how He is going to use you to display God’s glory on earth.

Supply is an Active Force

You can be what you want to be if you want it strongly enough and if you believe in it firmly enough to make it a dominant desire. Supply is an active force, and it is yours if you want to claim it. It goes to those who are alive, and who provide so many powerful magnets to attract it that they can pull it to themselves regardless of what obstacles may arise. When we understand the supply is ours, we will see the genius Napoleon possessed. First it was his intense desire for power, and then it was his overwhelming belief in his own destiny. We have to have an intense desire for power and a colossal belief in our own destiny if we are to be anything but dwarfs.


Hebrews 11:1 says, “Faith is being sure of what we hope for. It is being sure of what we do not see.” We may not see ourselves to be beings of great destiny, but it does not mean it’s not true. We may not see ourselves to have great power in the Lord Jesus Christ, because of the hopeless states we find ourselves in. The Bible will remain true whether you believe in it or not.


The Bible says you have a hope and a future, and the Bible said the Lord has given you power and authority.


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What are you going to believe in — the temporary situation you are in, or the eternal God who created the heavens and the earth?


In life, key people that I needed to meet, I met them because I pulled them up out of me. I meet no one but me, because I am all one. You could not even meet me unless I was already in you. You are the universe. If you look at the word universe, it is u-n-i, which means one. We can look at this as one verse. The universe is really one word. The universe is really just one sound. You are just one word. There is only one mind, yet many ideas. When God speaks he really does not speak words. He just makes sound.

The supernatural thing is that God is really taking you further; He is really taking you into a sound. Though I speak the tongues of men and of angels, angels hear a sound. They are not into words. They are not into vocabulary. One brings closure to your day and one brings a start. Ahhh is the sound of creation. Ohmm is bringing things to a closure. That is why you have those sounds in meditation. Even when you hear the word peace in Hebrew, it seems to carry both sounds, peace from beginning to end. Your name carries a sound. When you understand the sound of your name, you will understand the vibration it pulls. Naming is locked up in sound and vibration.

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

It seems as if God created many in the one. He created the woman in the man.

You can see two things here. The woman is locked up in the man and, yet, she is the deep of man. In order for her to come out, God puts Adam into a deep sleep. Again, He had to fade to black. He had to go into the darkness to find his woman. I believe a woman has a depth in her that is not in a man. There is a depth in a woman just in creativity and in her ability to bring forth. There is strength in her from within. That is why a woman is called to carry.

A woman has the ability to take hold of a seed and give form to it. She can take hold of a man’s vision and give form to it. That is how she helps meet the need. However, trapped in every woman is that dream, but she looks for a man to jumpstart the dream that is in her. That is why all women play with dollhouses. She looks for the man that is going to make that dream in her the reality of her. Now, when she cannot find a man on this plane, then she has to take a course in Marry-ology, and again look within herself.

She has to see things within that she knows not of. You are not without excuse. At some point, if she does not manifest with a man on the earth plane, God still demands you to manifest, but just bring it forth as a virgin, one who has never known a man. Do not sit around saying you are waiting on your man, because you, as the female, may have to take your man and act in the image and likeness of God and say, “Let us make man.” See, you may have thought you had a man, but only to discover that, when you got home, what you thought was in the box was not in the box.

Your man was missing crucial parts. It was missing a few cents. So, you have go into your divinity, as God, and say let us make man. Why? You have to finish off the job that his mother did not complete. You have to finish off the job his father did not complete. You have to undo the job of some things that have been done. Let us make man. That is part of your divinity. When things are brought to you, they are brought to you for you to overcome. The only reason it came to you is because you voted for it. You elected that assignment before the foundation of the earth. You asked for it and you got it. You get exactly what you ask for. Nothing shows up on your plate without you ordering it. Everything is in you. It really is all you.



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What do you think is missing from your life? God is saying it’s already there.


Darkness is good. That is why God put darkness in you. There is darkness in every individual. Why do you think, when you close your eyes, it gets dark? God put darkness in you on purpose. That is because, whatever you are going to create, you can only do it in the dark. Interestingly enough, you cannot develop film in the light. It would expose it, become overexposed by the light and then ruin the film. There are things that God is going to make through you, but you have to take that picture and develop it in darkness.



You always thought darkness was something evil. Darkness is not evil; darkness is just a place of unformed purposes. Darkness is the divine feminine. Darkness is the female aspect of God, which is the void. Even when it appears that you do not have anything, you have everything. Genesis says: In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form … Everything that God starts with, starts without form. Most people are in trouble because they are so busy trying to see things as the creature sees things.

If your prophecy does not come to pass, are you looking at it as the creator or the creature? The creature is waiting to see then say, but the creator always deals with what is unseen. The creator works with the formless. The creator works with that which is in the void. And the secret to getting rich, wealthy, and having prosperity, is to know that you are rich when you have zero in your physical pocket. You have to know this. Although you have zero dollars in your wallet, you are walking down the streets like you own everything, because you understand that “I Am” money.

The creator operates as the formless. Even if I lose it all, I can create another, because “I Am” creator. And the earth was without form, and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep. All darkness that shows up in your life, is just God hovering over you. That is why you experience darkness upon the face of your deep stuff, that which you cannot even talk about. Darkness comes upon the face of deep things, because God wants to bring a book out of that darkness. There is a major story in you. He wants to bring a movie out of that darkness, an invention out of that darkness.

God wants to bring a picture, a divine idea out of that darkness. The reason why many of you can’t seem to get this is because you are afraid of the dark. In the dark you do not see any form at all. In the dark it is void. It looks like the check will not cash. Miraculous prophecy is when it looks like it will not even come to pass. You know God is in it when you are in the dark, when you cannot even see the form. If we are going to act as God, then we have to stay in the dark.

Every time God gets ready to do something for you, or to you or in you, He will always work through you darkness. If you are not in the dark, you have not heard God. The Holy Ghost has allowed me today to become Holy Spirit and give you what was needed. You have been in the dark for so long, you had no idea what you should be doing while in the dark. The dark was a place of unformed purposes. There is something forming, God was not through. That is why, in plays and movies, when the theme gets ready to change, they fade it to black.

Nothing evil happened, it just needs a change of scenery. They do not do it right in front of your eyes. They cut that theater light off, even if it is just for two seconds, then the set goes to black. Even when America needed a change in its history, they had to seek out darkness, and found people that were dark, to help a nation form its purpose and identity. Darkness is the place of unformed purposes. You have to be in the dark. You have to be in the place where you say; “I do not even know what is going on.”

What is done in darkness will come to light. You are what you have been doing in darkness. You came to light. If you want to change the way things are going you have to start in the dark. When you want to do something, you have to shut it down, fade it to black. That scene is over. Accept it, forgive and let go. Forgive and forget, fade it to black, impregnate yourself in the dark, come out on the stage with a new wardrobe, a new set, a new part and learn your lines and work your piece. Your attitude determines your altitude.

God always deals with things that are without form and void. Everything you need exists for you right now, but it is without form and void. It is waiting for you to go in and cash it. The universe is a big dough ball, and you have to take it and become the cookie cutter. Do you know how you cut the cookie out of the dough? You do it with the law of your imagination. Your imagination is creation. These truths are so simple.

Everyone has a dream in him or her that they have to reach into them- selves and pull out of the darkness that which needs to be showcased in the light. Now, did God say let there be light before the light was? No. Actually the light always existed, God just called light forth for everyone else to see. You can see what is in you, in your darkness that no one else can see. It’s already there.


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What is it that you need to call forth into existence?



Do you want to know the reason why you have been brought here? It is so that you can become spiritual self-masters. You have been put on the planet to learn how to master the universe. Mastery! When Paul said, I have kept the faith, I have finished the course, he was just letting you know that he finished his Masters Degree. You can stop at the BS if you want, but that is all you will get in life. Life is not life until you come into mastery. All life is BS and life is a mother. That is why the bible says, “And she shall bring forth,” because life is always bringing stuff forth.

In your yard you have weeds. Properly managing your time, mastering your time, will make your yard a jungle or a beautiful botanical garden. It has to do with the time that you sowed in it. Weeds grow by themselves, without support. Mother does her job, now it is up to you to manage it. In understanding your divinity, children are like weeds. You have to cultivate them. If you do not, they will run wild. If you do not cultivate those weeds, they are going to take over your house. They will eventually overtake you. They will run you over.

Children come to the earth with a plan to assert their divinity. That is why you have to cultivate it, to make sure that their divinity gets properly balanced. At the age of twelve a child’s identification starts to sprout forth and manifest through his ego. At that time, no longer do they want to live under the shadow of parental laws and demands. God gives that nature to them. God puts that in them. That is part of their divinity.

In twisted consciousness they say, “I am God.” At that moment, you have to introduce them to the picture of what the devil is. e devil, in this house, because the devil becomes anything other than you. Anything that steps out of line, and become other than you becomes the devil to you. So you then demonize that which you don’t want to run wild in your house- hold. You think, “I must do you what God did with Lucifer.” He kicked Lucifer out. Anything that is not you, you must kick out of your life. That includes relationships, friendships, courtships, boyfriends, and girlfriends.

Anything that does not look like me, I put out. Alone, in reality, is all-one. When you become a spiritual self-master, you come into oneness, where you are all one and you meet no one but yourself. God sat in the heavens and talked to himself, and out of the one comes the many. So, if you want your success in life, you have to talk to yourself. Some of you are too proud to talk to yourself, which is why you are not getting a break- through. You have to have conversations with yourself. That what meditation is, when you can go in and impregnate yourself, where you can enter into the void, into the dark within yourself.

There is a miracle that is trying to take place in your life, but you have too many interruptions. You have things that are “other than” you trying to break into you. You have stuff other than you trying to get in bed with you, and right now you cannot have that happening because you have too much to create. You have to go within yourself. God did not go looking outside himself for something to happen. He went within himself. All creation happens from within. That is why, when God could swear by no other, He swore by himself. You have to go within yourself. The Mastery Plan is really easy to work.


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Go within yourself, begin working on a Mastery Plan.


There has been much talk about the secret. And many believe that the secret is all about the Law of Attraction. Thee Law of Attraction is an eternal truth but the real secret is that you are God. That has been the thing that traditional religion has sought to eliminate from your consciousness. As I said, you had this knowledge in eternity past. However, when you came to earth you lost sight of who you are. This is what the Father did He downloaded everything into your program. He downloaded His nature into your being. So then, because you have His operating software, you should work like and think like God.

A computer program can do only what it is programmed to do, nothing more. What happened, is that you got a major deadly virus that totally wiped out your memory. Now, you are unsure how to function, because you have become programmed with the system-of-this-world thinking. The great news is that God is proactive. He always thinks ahead of the game. He provided you with a backup system.

You have the Holy Ghost built-in batteries. You have glory in your backup system. You have so much glory in your backup system, that if you ever woke up to who you were, you would never be afraid of that which you call the devil. The devil, in reality, does not even exist. The secret of good luck is that there is no bad luck, for those that know who they are.

Do you possess the secret?

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar.

They taught the children that the devil was red, symbolizing the red man, and gave him measles and small pox because, as far as they were concerned, the red man was evil. What color is the devil today? Black. That is the reason why they can shoot you forty-one times and say, we really didn’t do anything wrong, we were doing our job, it was a mistake. Do you want to know whose fault that is? That is the church’s fault. When you look at images that is where prejudice comes, where you pre-judge.

The devil is whatever your imagination chooses to create and ascribe reality to a lie. When you say that a certain people are devil-filled because of their culture or the color of their skin, which is the easiest way to con- fuse a people about their god identity. That is why you cannot afford to believe that you are anything less than god. Being god is about image, purpose, and spiritual positioning. Being god is about knowing the secret to life in you.

For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.

Even your light affliction, all afflictions that you have, is only for a moment. Your hardship, which is your affliction, is working an eternal weight of glory. Let me give you a new perception of hardship. Let me tell you what burden really is. My yoke is easy and my burden is light. All burdens are light. Burdens are a revelation. Every burden has been designed to cause you to see God’s plan and design. Whatever trauma I am going through, I become yoked with Him. Then that yoke is easy and that burden has now become light, the light of revelation. Take my yoke upon you.

I am not carrying weight in my flesh or carnal man; God carries the weight for me. When you understand yoke, that means take my yoke upon you, become yoked with me, become one with me, and learn of me, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Take my yoke upon you and learn of me, for my yoke, or my yogi, is easy. This is where you make Jesus your yogi, the one that you listen to, where He trains and mentors you.

For my yoke is easy. My ability to teach you and guide you, to be your yogi, to be the one that guides you is easy. When you begin to get yoked with Christ, and allow Him to be your yogi, then it is light. You are no longer doing it on your own strength, but you are doing it as a spiritual self-master. You are doing it with mastery, because it is the master himself that is guiding you through your experience.


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Surrender your yoke to the Lord. What is it that you need to surrender?

The Power of the Moment

The moment you stop expecting more of life is the moment life starts looking around for

other and better outlets. The only thing that can restrict life’s expression is the channel through

which it works. So, stop dancing with limitations.

When men are cast down, then thou shall say there is lifting up (Job



Two people have different attitudes to blessings. Being expectant and being entitled are two different things. Being expectant for blessings make you a channel for blessing. You are ready to flow. On the other hand, being entitled for blessings make you a bucket, ready to receive a blessing, but with a limit to what you can receive. Being entitled to the blessing is born out of pride.


You may be saying, “Lord, I gave my tithe, now bless me.” You’re not being expectant, you’re just being entitled, and who are you to feel entitled with God. You don’t deserve blessings. Even if you give everything you have, you can never earn a single blessing from your Creator. You are blessed to even be alive. But, because you know that God is good, you can be expectant. You can rely on God’s goodness and faithfulness that God’s blessing is coming. When you a heart that is sustained by faith in the Lord, then the blessings will flow.


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Are you coming from a place of faith or a place of entitlement?

A New Expression

The moment a tree branch stops growing is the moment a new branch spawns to let the tree seek its expression in a new direction. People operate in a similar way. When they are no longer branching out in one area, they look for another place for better expression. Why do you think your children want to leave the house when they become teenagers? I always encourage parents to send their teens to boarding school if they are able, because teenagers crave and need—and will seek—places for better expression of themselves.  As they see it, they have already mastered your house, and because they have experienced your home for many years, it is time for them to learn to master another place with a new, challenging environment.


Life prods you, forces you, to seek out better expression. I’m always looking, just like you are. We said, “We’re having church in here,” and we were hand clapping and foot stomping. We had musicians over here, and down there the choir was swaying.

Congregants were piled up in the balcony. But the time came, we mastered that, and we wanted a better expression. So we made a change, and now people watch from Canada and Germany.  Something about life simply commands growth in you.


Growth is natural for human beings. It’s how God designed us to be. God always intended humans to grow beyond the “current”, and to move towards a new and bigger future. If you are not growing, if it seems that you’re stuck, then it is an unnatural state. Even when it comes to your finances, you are meant to be growing. You are not meant to be shrinking back. As you give to others, your money expands its territory blessing everything in its path. When you withhold your money, you stunt your growth. You need to be comfortable enough in your abundance to be able to grow.


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What are you doing to express your growth in your finances?

Life is Intelligent

Life is all powerful. Life is always and everywhere seeking expression. Don’t you feel the divinity in you seeking expression? Life is never satisfied, because it always desires that which God has planned for it. It’s constantly seeking greater and fuller manifestation. God has put a seed of Himself into you, and He asks only that you make your desires strong enough to bring them to fulfillment.


You have a God-shaped hole in your life that ONLY GOD can fill up. You were made for eternity, yet you seek to be satisfied with what is temporary. God enjoys blessing you. He takes pleasure in it. He wants you to get this very important point. You don’t have to twist the Lord’s hand for Him to bless you. If the blessing is not coming, it’s because you’re rejecting it. You’re saying “no” to it, or you’re just not ready for it.

Perhaps, there is a space issue. There are things you need to let go off that is taking up all these space for breakthrough to come in. Maybe you are distracted, and you don’t see the blessing is already present.


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If you’re feeling so frustrated and tired, it’s time to just surrender to God. Your life is your offering. It’s time to live out according to the divine plan God has for your life. Stop

fighting it. Stop rejecting it. Begin to flow in the grace of the Lord.

A New Response to Money for the New Year!

On the morning I first saw those dwarf trees, I immediately made the connection between those small, stunted trees and a community of people who have been limited by outside forces. People operating out of fear and limitation. People who would say, “I want to believe the prophet, but I can’t trust my money with him. Instead, I trust my money with the stock market, even though it just lost 40%.” They’d say, “I can’t believe the prophet when he says God commanded in 2 Chronicles 20:20 that if you believe the prophet you’ll prosper. I couldn’t believe the prophet with enough faith to put $10,000 in his hand. No, instead I continue to believe the real estate industry that wiped out 30% of the equity in my home.”


People who say, “I believe my doctor, who says, ‘It could be this,’ or ‘It could be that,’ and ‘We forgot to look,’ and I understand they’re practitioners. I forgot to believe the prophet, who isn’t practicing but who is speaking the true word of the Lord over my condition.”  It’s one thing to listen to experts. It’s another to disregard the Word of God because you want to trust human beings who are experts more. When you reject the Word of God, He will honor your desires. If you don’t want to listen to Him to know when and how you’ll be blessed, then it’s your call. God is such a good and loving God. He respects you for your choices. He won’t force His blessings on you.


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Think about how you are rejecting the Word of God. Did you receive a prophetic word with doubt and cynicism recently? Maybe, it’s time to repent and to say to the Lord, “I’m all in!”

For Every NEED, There is a SOLUTION

For every effect, there must first be a cause, and for every need, there is a solution. The seed is a primary cause, the nucleus that uses its energy to send forth roots to draw in nutrients.  Need is the same thing, the nucleus that drives action. You have to need a car before you can get a car. You have to need a house before you can get a house.  You have to need a mate before you can get a mate. First there is need, and then there is the satisfaction of the need. You must feel the loss before you can be inspired to move toward the gain.  To illustrate this, imagine the way it works with a tree seed. It isn’t until an absence of nutrition is recognized by the tiny sprout that roots are prompted to extend deeper into the earth to find the food the plant needs to grow. God gave you a seed, and it’s trying to manifest the blessing that came with it. It may be a house, a car, a new business, or even a more general entrepreneurial style. But you have to know there is something out there to reach for, and that you’ll be able to grasp it, if you’re to be like the sprout whose roots extend far beyond the rocks. Your destiny, just like that of the tree seed, is to fulfill your great potential. It all starts with giving, with sending a message to the universe—presenting the need and the faith you have that you will receive—something more.


Give and it will be given to you, good measure, pressed down and shaken together and running over will be put into your bosom, for with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you (Luke 6:38).


Sow goodness into the life of others. It is truly more blessed to give than to receive. As you give to others, you are emptying yourself out to be blessed more. God wants you to get how His economy works. Unless you are ready to operate according to the Kingdom of God’s rules, you will continue to operate according to the world’s system — you will continue to become limited and finite.


As you begin to move in light of eternity, you will notice your mindset, your thoughts, your actions, and your words change. You have a need for the Kingdom of God. It is your true home. You are just an alien here. The reason why you can never get satisfaction from material things is that what you need cannot exist in the world. Instead, as you pursue the things of the Kingdom of Heaven, you will see earthly riches following you, funding the path you are pursuing, and providing for you as you accomplish God’s plans for your life.

Align your life with God’s economy, and it will be according to God’s economy that you will sow and be blessed by.




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How is your life aligned to God’s economy? Is there anything in your life that is misaligned with God’s economy?

How a Seed is Grown

You must learn the journey of the seed, because understanding that process will help you produce a harvest of health, happiness, love, success, and prosperity. All of that is found in the journey of the seed. Once you recognize how easy it actually is to reach your destination, you’ll celebrate just the idea of your future before it is close to becoming a reality because to you, the idea will be the same as reality.

The seed uses all the power it has to bring forth fruit. When it finds it has no nutrients in its immediate sphere, it puts forth roots to draw the necessary elements from the soil around it. When your soul knows it needs something to achieve abundance, it will search it out just like the roots coming out of a seed.


What are you feeding this “seed”? Are you feeding it with worries and ingratitude? Are you soaking yourself up in fears and disappointments? Why not instead place yourself in a position to be fruitful?  Allow this “seed” that God has placed in your life to be nurtured by love, by hope, by faith, by generosity, and by joy. Protect it from any negative elements. The world is filled with so much negativity it is so easy to be exposed. However, you need to be intentional about fruit you want to bear in your life. You choose the fruit you bear, and nurture your life according to this choice you’ve made today.



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What choices can you make today to CREATE the future you desire?