You Were Not Born for Tears

Does your tears move God? Tears alone will not move God.  God is not really moved by your tears. That is why I am not so thrilled about altar calls. A lot of people crying at the altar are crying because they got caught doing something they shouldn’t have been doing. You have to understand, tears have never moved God, and tears should not move you either. When someone uses tears to provoke you to action, they are manipulating your humanity. I do not trust anything with tears, because so many people are full-time actors and actresses. Do not become moved by people’s tears. It is all a part of acting class. Man cries because he or she has become out of alignment with God. As long as you are in alignment with God you will never have a need to cry about anything. You will know most intuitively that everything is already all right because you and God are at oneness. God wants you to be at peace with Him and humanity.  Being at peace, and at oneness with God will only happen when you are in right consciousness, a right frame of mind.


People cry when they are hurting and they seemingly cannot do anything about it. They cry when they have exhausted all of their efforts and perhaps resources and now they are left with nothing much with which to move forward. This leads them to desperate measures.  Why do people rob banks, do drugs, violate women, abuse children, neglect their families, or just commit to a lifestyle of crime? They do it because they are desperate!

Early in life they learned those skills from their mother.  Since manipulation does not control God and you are god, it should neither control you. Many people use manipulation to get what they want in life.  This may work for a while, but it like other coercive tactics will soon come to an end. There is no way you can live a lifestyle of manipulation and have faith in God at the same time. You don’t have to manipulate your way into something that God has promised to freely give you. Subconsciously, many of us do not have a real trust in God. It is going to take a changing of the mind, in order to effectuate lasting change in the area of trust.



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What are the things you were unaware you were manipulating God with?

The Distinction of a “Multidunous Harvest”

When giving becomes a habitual practice very mysterious things will begin to happen in your life. You will suddenly notice you went through a whole year without a head cold; you will not be able to remember the last time you bought medication. You will notice that your children no longer get ill. You will start going through three years and four years and you will notice that you’ve not even received a doctor’s bill. You’ll have to force yourself to go to the doctors just for a checkup.

Suddenly, you will begin to notice that in the fifth or sixth year someone is sending you a letter stating your child’s education has been paid in full.


Understand this, the harvest comes in so many different ways and directions, but sometimes we do not know how to identify a harvest when it shows up. You need to be trained to recognize the harvest when it comes. It may not always show up in money. But it will always have a value equal to or far greater than money. Harvests show up in all kinds of different packages. When giving becomes a way of life for you, then you have no problem with getting or shall I say, receiving.


Receiving will become a way of life for you. Lay not treasures up. Do not lay treasures up on this plain. Your heavenly bank account far excels what your earthly bank account can demonstrate. Givers enjoy a level of harvest that most people cannot explain. It’s called the harvest of God’s favor. Another way of looking at it is as the multitudinous harvest—consisting of many parts. The level and quality of the life that I live, I am only living because of my giving.


No man is responsible for my lifestyle. It is not because of you that I am living the way I do.  My harvest is only in sequential order with the laws of the universe.  I am going to ask you, how are you living? Your answer should be, I am living because of my giving. If you are not giving, you are not living. There are so many people that want to get more in life, but in order for getting to be a way of life, you have to commit to a lifestyle of giving. Begin the journey of giving a witness the amazing return of joy, peace, happiness, and unlimited supply coming toward you from every direction.


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How can you increase your level of giving and living this week?

Stop Hanging Around the Past

You only go back to a place if something has been left undone at that place. When you master the place, then you move on from that level of glory to the next. Stop hanging around first principles when it is time to move on to the next season. I am the Lord thy God, which teacheth thee to profit, which leadeth thee by the way that thou shouldest go. You could be led by a way that you should go, which also means that there is a way you should not go. If ye be willing and obedient, … If ye be willing and obedient. Some of you are willing but you are saying the hell with obedience. Some of you are obedient, but you are saying, the hell with willingness. That means, you cannot just be obedient and pay tithes, you have to be willing to pay tithes. There is a difference. Some people pay tithes out of fear of going to hell so they pay out of obedience. However, if they found out that they should pay tithes, and there was not any punishment for not paying them, they’d probably stop.  They would become unwilling. Don’t do things in life out of fear. Think about the benefits. You cannot pay tithes and give under protest. What you give, you keep; what you hold onto, you lose. In Alcoholics Anonymous or drug anonymous programs, they tell you that, in order to keep your sobriety, you have to give it away. That is why they tell people to make meetings and talk about what they have been through, because they have to give their testimony away. In order to keep their sobriety, they have to remember.


Do you remember Israel? That is why they kept the Passover, to remember. Why? They remembered so that they wouldn’t go back into the bondage of Egypt. Therefore, you do not keep your victory until you give away what you have had concerning your victory. You only keep what you share; you lose what you withhold. Therefore, if I want to keep hundreds of dollars in my pocket, I have to keep giving hundreds of dollars. I can’t hoard it. Here’s a miracle— because you kept participating in the law of giving, you kept activating the law of getting. If you keep doing it, eventually you are going to start to notice the accumulation factor.


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What do you think are you hesitant to LOSE? Why are you holding on to this “thing”?

Lay it Up or Give It Up

Have you ever heard a gospel that taught you to do without?  First off, that was not the Lord thy God and neither was it good news. I am the lord thy God, which teacheth thee to profit. Someone may ask, “What do you have to say when people talk about the fact that you are into money, and the Bible says that it is wrong to lay up treasures on this earth?” Great question! “I tell them that is why when I preach I tell them not to “lay it up”

and “give it up.” Give it to me!


The people that have the most problems with giving are those that are laying it up.  You will only keep what you give away, but you lose what you hold onto. Well, “What do you have to say about Jesus, who was seemingly poor?”  I say, “Oh, no, Jesus was not poor.” He called twelve men off their job and said, “Follow me.” Most men cannot call their woman off her job. In most American household, if the woman stopped working none of the bills would get paid. Jesus was far from poor. Jesus fed 5,000 men, not counting women and children, and most have to save up money just to feed a wedding party at a reception without a problem. Jesus clothing were commensurate to the Versace, Brioni, and the Armani of his day. He had tailor made garments. Even at the crucifixion they were casting lots for his garment.  Your garments have to be extremely costly for people to gamble for them. And Jesus said, get me an ass, which a man never sat on. Jesus was riding into Jerusalem on the Rolls Royce of his day. He did not want a used one, he said, “Get me one which a man never sat on.”


“Why was he born in a manager?” Jesus was born in a manger, to show you that you too can overcome any odds. I do not care what you are born in, you could be homeless today, but you could be calling men off their jobs tomorrow. You could be homeless today, but you could be wearing fine garments tomorrow. You could be homeless today, but telling people, “Get me a Rolls Royce that a man never sat on.” I want you to know that, where you are today, does not speak to your tomorrow. You can overcome the odds!


In this hour, people want more than teaching. People want to see demonstration. People hate to take tests. Most churches do not give you any tests. You could sit there for 50 years, and they will keep you in kindergarten. You will never get a GED there. They keep giving you building blocks to play with. They will keep you “at the cross.” There is nothing wrong with the cross, but Jesus did not hang around the cross. He did not even  hang around the tomb. Even when He was resurrected, He folded up His napkin, got it accurately arranged, so that he would not have to come back to it again.



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What are the odds God is calling you to overcome?

Willingness and Obedience : The Key to Being Rich

If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land.

Isaiah 1:19

If you are not eating the good of the land, it is because of one of two reasons. You are either not willing or you are not obedient. Even a fool can understand the simplicity of this text. Your blessings rely on your willingness and obedience. There is not a delay factor in this God idea. As soon as you become willing and obedient, you immediately eat the good. The inverse of this is that if you are not willing and not obedient, then you eat the bad of the land. What are you eating? What is your diet? Your diet is

totally contingent upon your corresponding action.


There are times when you are obedient. You are walking in obedience yet you do not see the return of favor and increase in your life. That is because you have to have a willingness to receive. Some people do not mind giving with a pure heart. However, they close up and go into a clamshell when it is time for God to begin pouring out blessings on their life. You, not God regulates and controls the amount of increase and favor that comes into your life. If you are willing to receive then you will have an unlimited supply. If you are not then your supply will be clogged, like a sink dirty drain.

There are a lot of people that go to work for the check, but ask them if they are willing to work. Their willingness does not match their obedience. That is why the never eat the good of the land. When you are not willing, you are not submissive. You do not have the right action, or attitude of heart. You have the right outward action, but you do not have the right consciousness. Have you ever had somebody do something for you and as they went to do it, you said never mind, I’ll do it. Why did you do that? Okay, you may be saying the old adage, “If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.”


But if someone is willing to do it, then allow him or her to do so. You may say, “Just because someone is willing to do something for me doesn’t mean that they are going to do it with the right spirit or with the right heart.”  It is interesting to see that people typically do not want others doing things for them under the false guise of willingness, when deep down inside they really would rather not be bothered at all.  It is not about doing something because of a feeling of obligation. It is all about doing what you do from the heart.  And others can definitely feel what is in your heart.

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What areas in your life lack obedience and willingness in the Lord?

The Feeling Matters

Have you ever thrown out a suggestion to someone and they said, “I’m not really feeling that idea?” What were they actually confessing? They were saying that they could not align themselves with the idea until they felt it within. Before people can give anything of themselves they must first fee. A woman does not give a man herself in marriage, and vice versa until first there is an exchange of feeling. You have never made a purchase for a car, a home, clothing, until you first felt that purchase. You felt the thing that you were purchasing.

Nothing happens in the universe until it is first felt. Jesus could not die a sacrificial death for humanity until He first felt it.

 For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities . . .

Hebrews 4:15

Feeling is the motivation to get things accomplished in the earth realm. And your feeling has to be mix with faith. You have to believe!

In the same way that you have to feel your friends, your family, a salesperson, a theory, or a new teaching before you buy into it, God also must feel your feeling towards the thing you desire before He can fund your vision.

God has to be able to say, “I’m feeling that, so I can invest into it.”  To invest into something that you don’t feel make you and God a bad stewards and a waster of resources. Only sow into that which you are feeling. And only feel that which requires

The Link Between Faith and Feelings

The Father must be touched with the feelings. According to how you feel will determine how you will get answered. These are the ways of God. God has an obsession to be believed. If you do not believe Him, then He simply will not answer you. Without faith it is impossible to please him. If you do not have faith, and you do not produce faith, you cannot please God. So the only way to please the Father is to believe the Father. God withholds from those who doubt. Anything that is being withheld from you, it is because you doubted God. If there is anything that is withheld from me, it is because I doubted Him. I can take this a bit further and say if anything is being withheld from me I doubted myself—I doubted the God in me.

The only reason you have things that are held back from you, and are not possessing that things you desire, is because you doubt in one area or another. Now I know that is a very large pill for most people to swallow. That is hard for you to accept. Traditional Christianity teaches you that God is holding back on you because of sin in your life, or because you did something wrong years ago. The only sin that is stopping you from receiving the good that you desire is the sin of doubt. Each time you doubt God,

you actually doubt God’s ability in you.


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What are the promises God gave that you are still doubting right now?

How Does it Feel to Be Rich?

How can you get rich and stay rich? God helps us to be so.


God really does not hear what you say with your mouth. There are so many people that have spent time on their knees in prayer crying out to God yet have not received any answers to their prayers. The first thing is that prayer is not you always voicing your opinions, concerns, and request to God. Prayer is a dialog not a monolog. So as much as you speak, you should listen within your heart to hear what God is saying.  God is always speaking, but you must quiet yourself long enough to hear what He is saying to you.  Note that I said that you should listen within your heart to hear what God is saying. If you listen in your heart to hear what God is saying, then what do you suppose God listens to, to hear what you are saying? God only hears what you say in your consciousness. God only hears you heart. You ask, “I thought that you were supposed to say the right things and speak forth words that are positive?”  That is true. But the major thing here is that your words alone are really meaningless.Your words must be accompanied by feeling.  You have to feel it in your heart. If there is any doubt in you that you cannot receive or achieve that which you have spoken, then God cannot hear you.  You then disconnect yourself from spirit. You disconnect yourself from spirit not because you said the wrong words, or said the wrong things, but rather because you felt the wrong vibration when you spoke. God reaches to feel you. If he cannot feel you, He does not answer you. The only prayers that get answered are felt-prayers. You do not get fulfillment until there is full-feel-ment. If there is no feeling, there is not going to be any filling. That is why, even when Jacob was getting ready to get blessed by Isaac, he said:

Come close so that I might feel thee. I want to see if you are my very son.


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Are you just saying you want to be rich? Are you not feeling it?

God Teaches You to Profit

Thus saith the Lord, thy Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel; I am the Lord thy God which teacheth thee to profit, which leadeth thee by the way that thou shouldest go. If there is anything or anyone that does not teach you to profit, that teaching is not from God. Thus saith the Lord, thy Redeemer. God knows that you were already bound, that is why He understands you need to be redeemed. You need to be bought back. Being redeemed also carries the meaning of reinstatement. You won’t get freed from some situations until the Redeemer frees you, or until you are reinstated. If you are not reinstated, if you do not come into the clarity or the wisdom of what you are really supposed to be demonstrating, you are living beneath your privilege. Do you not know that there is a certain level of life, a certain quality of living, and a certain point where God wants to bring you, where abundance becomes a natural thing? At this point abundance becomes a way of life for you. It becomes second nature for you. It is the will of God for you to prosper. It is God’s will for you to get up and stay up.Whenever you are down it is only a reminder that you have the power to get back up again.



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Who can you connect with to give you spiritual wisdom for how to profit?

What Are You Committed to? It’s What’s Making Your Rich or Poor!

As with any subject, the best way to learn is through repetition. Repetition is the mother of learning. When you keep repeating something over and over and over and over again, eventually it will begin to stick. In time it will connect, and bring you into your destiny. Repetition brings you into the proper alignment, if you are repeating the right things. The rich become and stay rich because they have learned the secrets of the wealthy and they repeat those secrets, not just once in a while but every single day until the repetitions become a habit.  Once those repeated secrets become your habit, then they become your character, and in time you will live perpetually of the fruits of you reverberations. Successful people very often do the same things over and over until they get the desired result. The poor lack the patience and the perseverance to do something long enough to get different results. The rich do not invest every once in a while; they invest all of the time. Investing for them is a repeated habit.


A man who enjoys a six-pack abdominal section, with a thirty-three inch waistline, with a forty-six inch chest built to last did not get his figure just from going to the gym once or twice. He received his figure from working out repeatedly. The famous rapper L. L. Cool J is not only known for his rapping and musical genius, but also for having a really good physique. If you ask him how did he get his figure he’ll be the first to admit that he worked out every single day for years.


And even now, he still works hard at maintaining his physical status by working out daily. Great basketball players practice on the court every day. Great writers don’t write every now and then. They write every day!  Prolific preachers don’t preach only when they show up for service on Sunday morning, no, they are rehearsing the sermon in their imagination all of the time, so when the opportunity to share good tidings arrives they are ready. Repetition does not just make you rich it prepares you for riches.


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What should you start committing to mastering today?

The Mother of Skill: Repetition

No matter which way you look at it, we are all in a business, and it is the business of getting rich. Some struggle along the way and never really learn how to master this system. Others become skilled at the art of increase, and seemingly everything they touch turns into gold. Then the most dangerous group, is the one that never really make it to riches nor do they ever quite experience the pangs of poverty. They are sort of in between. They are neither hot nor cold. They are just lukewarm. The reason why this group is so dangerous is because they really do not have a real identity. And when you do not have an identity you never really fit in anywhere, and you don’t know what you should be committed to. The rich are committed to riches and wealth. The poor are committed to doing things, thinking thoughts, and saying words, that will keep them poor. The people in between don’t endorse poverty, and neither do they endorse riches.  I guess you can say they are a bit confused.  At any rate, you must be committed to something. And the rich, the God fearing people, are committed to profit. Knowing how to profit is not something that just comes naturally, you must learn to profit.

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What must you keep doing in order to master the art of increase?


Aren’t you so glad you are alive?


I am so glad that I am in the land of the living. When I speak of the land of the living, I am not referring to 310 Riverside Drive, New York City, or the sidewalk outside your home. This, experience called life, is the land of the living. Just because you are alive does not mean that you are living. There are millions of people walking around each day and they are the walking dead. They are breathing, but that does not mean they are living. They may be on life support. Those that are truly living are enjoying life to the fullest. The truly living are not discouraged or depressed.  They know intuitively that life is what you make of it, and they are eagerly determined to create the life of their dreams.  Each day for the “living” is a most wondrous adventure, one to look forward to everyday.  Unlike the survivors, and the strugglers, the living souls create the life that they desire through the use of their imagination, understanding the purpose of profit, and knowing how repetition aids in the overall process of reaching their goals.


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What door of life are you knocking unto right now to be opened?