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How do you rob me? – God

The Lord answered the Israelites’ inquiry of how they are robbing the Lord and the response is so simple — in your tithes and offering. In other words, the Lord is saying, “you rob me when you do not bring your tithes and offering fully.”86 You may be bringing in your tithe, but if you […]

Tithes and Offering Part 2

The offering is traditionally translated as the “heave offering” (Exo. 29:2-28, Lev. 14:32, Num. 15-19-21). It is found 76 times in the Hebrew Bible, mostly in Exodus, Numbers, and Ezekiel, which is usually related to the causative verb rûm, “be high,” which suggested it’s raised as an offering to the Lord. The târumah, as we […]

Tithes and Offering

The way the Israelites treated the land of Canaan — the promised land — was a central feature in their responsibilities under God’s covenant. Ownership of land meant participation in the covenant community to whom God had given the land. The ownership of land is legitimized by an attitude of faith and gratitude for God. […]


  The Lord was offended by the Israelites because they saw pagan shrines in the high hills and they worshipped. They provoked the Lord with their sacrifices, their libations, and incense offerings which were presented to pagan deities. God called them to account for their conduct by asking, “What is the high place to which […]

Israel’s Response to Yahweh’s Initiative

The response of Israel represented the contrast of the arrogance and defiance that Ezekiel experienced with his fellow Israelites. There were three specific characteristics to their response to Yahweh’s actions. First, Israel would remember their corrupt past. Remember is zākar, which does not simply mean “to recall to mind,” but also “to acknowledge, take account […]


How are we accepted by the Lord? As a requirement of God’s acceptances, we are to bring in our offerings and tithes. The verse said I will accept them. Rāṣâ may denote God’s acceptance of the worshiper. What is the context by which this acceptance comes? The Lord shows that He accepts His people when […]


When it comes to your bringing your offering to the Lord, are you God-centered or man-centered? Even if it’s not in the context of our finances, we must always evaluate our heart and check where our trust lies. Asking this question makes you evaluate what you are dependent on. We must always be centered on […]


In Ezekiel 20, , the Lord is speaking to the people of Israel through the prophet. He is talking about how the people would serve Him, and He shall require holy sacrifices and the finest gifts. The Lord also talked about a renewal of the covenant wherein all His promises would be reinstated. 40 People […]


The importance of the temple was shown in how the construction of the temple was the first order of business for the returning exiles. Their slowness in building it became a burden for the minor prophet Haggai. Continued provision for the temple even concerned Nehemiah. Nehemiah was a civil rule. The expectation was he couldn’t […]

Under the Law

More often than not, when pastors preach about money people get turned off. They commonly think the pastors just want their money, instead of understanding that the pastors are only preaching the Word and ushering the church of God into a space wherein they can be blessed. If they do not know about the biblical […]

Appointing with Integrity

God appoints people with integrity. When you are doubting your church for using the money you donate wisely, you must assume they are people of integrity who are accountable before the Lord. Even when you have great doubt for human error and temptation, at the end of the day, these people are answerable to the […]

Not OUR church or ministry, it is God’s

  It is not our church or ministry, it is God’s. The money in the church treasury does not belong to the pastor or the treasure. It does not belong to one person. It belongs to the movement of God. The resources of the church does not belong to the individuals by which they are […]