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Chutzpah is a Yiddish term meaning, “gall, brazen nerve, effrontery, sheer guts plus arrogance. English words cannot do real justice to this word. Instead, here’s a story that allows us to understand this word to use its message in our giving.   A little old lady sold pretzels on a street corner for 25 cents […]

A Divine Attribute

Having the tzedakah spirit, or a philanthropic spirit is a divine attribute, since God upholds the cause of the fatherless and the widows (Deut. 10:18). If God does so, then the one who gives to those who need it, partners with the Lord. Giving to the poor is regarded as an essential element of the […]

Social Justice

The Bible has repeatedly stressed the obligation of the believer to aid those who are in need. The reason the Lord provides for us is for personal sustenance and to help others who need it. When we only use our income for personal gain, then we are moving in social injustice. We are not doing […]


According to Moses Maimonides, a great medieval philosopher, there are eight degrees of tzedakah (with number 1 being the ultimate and number 8 being the most basic) still followed today: Seeing to a person’s independence by providing a person with a job, entering into a partnership that allows the person to establish a business, giving […]

Power and Protection in Numbers

There is safety in numbers. When authentically focused on Jesus, there is so much love in a prophetic group. There should not be a misconception that a prophetic group—similar to that of the School of Prophets—will create a verbal beating from a prophetic people. This group is intended to be a blessing to people. God […]

The Old Testament Prophetic Team

The old TesTaMenT ProPheTic TeaM The prophetic is a team ministry. Most people think prophets are a strange breed. When you look at Old Testament prophets, you might think that a prophet is a loner, a man called by God to speak His words and to display His heart to the people. Just look at […]

Ministry with Wisdom

Have you ever received a prophecy that made you feel uncomfortable? However, it was given in a “thus saith the Lord” manner, and so you feel that if you reject the prophecy it was disobedience towards the Lord. As a recipient of the prophecy, you may have ended up feeling confused and distressed instead of […]

Practical Matters for Giving a Prophecy

In giving a prophetic word, it is most important for the receiver to understand the prophecy. There is no need to use Old English, as it was used in the King James Bible. You can speak in plain and simple English. As in any communication process, getting the message across is the priority—not simply appearing […]

Prophetic Etiquette

Words that are spoken in the right circumstances are precious (Prov. 25:11). Believers can earnestly desire to prophesy (1 Cor. 14:39-40) so that they can bless people and shift the situation according to the will of the Lord. Believers must also consider how the spirits of the prophets must be subject to the prophets (1 […]

Connecting with the Voice of God

What is unique about Christianity, among the different religions or faith systems in the world, is the fact that there is a personal relationship with the Creator, beginning here and now, and lasting throughout eternity. In the other religions, there is usually a rewards system in place. People perform and try to live a good […]

How Should You Respond?

What can you do during the season of testing? Does it give you the license to sulk, to be depressed, or to curse God? How you respond to this season is important. No matter what you’ve done, what people have done to you, or what the enemy has done against you, God is in control, […]

What is God Doing? Part 2

  Calling you to intimacy with Him   Sometimes God uses these testing times to remind us of what we are supposed to be doing with our lives. Are we going off track? Are we focusing on something or someone different? Have idols been established in our lives? We may be distracted by ministry that […]