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Enlightenment and Finances

Honoring the Memory of the Late Reverend Dr. Frederick Eikerenkoetter   Enlightenment has a way of moving us away from the dogmas we had previously held onto. Organized religion should be designed to free the soul, but instead it tends to bind it. Some people were shocked by Reverend Ike’s death. I wasn’t. He would […]

Money is ENERGY

Why is money so powerful? Because money is energy. The energy of money is directed by the collective consciousness of the community. I dare you to start believing money is energy. I say, “I dare you” because once you believe, change will take place. Are you ready for the money you want to come into […]

Money is the Power to Create

When looking at these two passages (Ecc. 10:19; Ecc 5:10), it’s clear money is a far more complex thing than a simple means of exchange or a method of purchasing goods and services. Everything has its place in divine order. God is money, and God is love; therefore, money is love. In the earthly realm, […]

Sacred Origin of Money

People lived life without money. They existed for years without money, which tells us money is an invention. Money was invented to make life easier for people to trade with one  another. It was getting more inconvenient to trade with other people using livestock and perishable items. Money was a tool for people to do […]

Sharing the Vision

Leaders exhibit a unique blend of charisma, of vision, and a character that attracts people to follow them. They recognize the need to attract followers. And that is for them to share the vision, the dream, the direction that goes beyond what one sees written on mission and vision statements. Leadership’s vision is evident in […]

Invent a New Future

A lot of people take language as a means to describe the world that is out there—an unforetold reality of other people, of things, of the universe, and even of ourselves. We clearly say that I am this and that. It’s as though talking about ourselves as objects to be described and defined. But that […]

Leading a Group to the Created Future

In leadership, it is important to cast a vision that is existent even in language. Language is more than a medium of communicating what is at present; it can be a medium for creating a future. To create a future in language, a leader starts with verbalizing a vision, and making it present in dialogues […]

Integrity Matters

The word “integrity” came from the Latin word “integer” which means whole, complete, and not missing any component or part. If you think about a bicycle, if it is missing a wheel or its brakes, it won’t be able to function as they are intended. Any disruption in the integrity of something’s design, however small, […]

Inner Conversations

We are in conversation with ourselves most of the time. We converse with our inner selves about what is going well, what is not, what others think, what we think, what we feel, the what ifs, the how-abouts, and so on. There is a voiceover in our heads, a running stream of thinking. It is […]

A Whole New World

As the leaders generate those kinds of futures, it is almost always beyond what anyone can fulfill individually. This is why there is power in the group. The vision of a new possibility is fulfilled in the commitment and coordinated action of the group. Collective action is the foundation for an expanded possibility (Zaffron, 2013). […]

How Does a Situation Occur for You?

Why do we act the way we do? Why do people do what they do?  Zaffron and Logan noted that the First Law of Performance answers these questions. We do something because it makes sense to us. You act according to what you think will work. When you face a problem, your actions are intended […]


Individuals and groups, alike, experience problems. Whether you see yourself as a leader or not, you intend to address problems that come your way. We intend to change the situation into one that does not have to deal with problems. However, even as we do this, we find ourselves experiencing more of the same problems. […]