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Man Has a Self-Determined History

Your history is not a mystery. It’s self-determined. You are making your own history right now, some of you without knowing it. Do you think God brings you into the light of imagination, so you can sit on your hands and make waste of it? No. He has a defined purpose in mind. To imagine […]

Man Becomes What He Imagines

“Therefore I say unto you, What things so ever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them (Mark 11:24).”  When you pray, do not feel like “it might happen.” In your heart, be assured that it will. Faith is about being sure for what you hope for. It […]

The Test of Imagination

“Let the weak say, I am strong (Joel 3:10b).” The true test of your imagination is your ability to forgive sin. You cannot forgive sin until you know how to properly utilize your imagination. You can’t forgive someone who does you wrong, unless you have imagination. If you can’t forgive, it means you hold that […]

The Definite With the Infinite

By the Infinite, we mean the Unlimited God. You have to be definite with the Infinite. Until you are definite with the Infinite, you do not define the Infinite in you. God sent you to earth so you can be His dream come true. Until you become definite with the Infinite, the dream will be […]

Behold God in You

It’s time for you to behold God in you. The word goes forth to make the answer appear, and the answer is within you. If you want to know and see the answer, you have to behold it. You have to be aware of the answer. You have to speak the answer. You have to […]

A Dream Come True

You are not the only one with dreams. You are God’s dream come true. You came to earth as His dream come true. He wanted to have a human experience, and you are that human experience. You are the manifestation of His desire. You came here to dream. You came here to create. You came […]

Money is an Effect

Your seed is a breakthrough. It’s not trying to break through something the enemy has against you; it’s a breakthrough in your consciousness. Once you come into realization, things will begin to materialize.  When you concentrate on the effect, you forget the cause. When you forget the cause, the effect diminishes. Never chase the money. […]

The God-in-Me

The spirit of God within you is forever thinking thoughts of abundance. This is the nature of the spirit of God within you.  Your true self thinks, sees, and knows only abundance. The creative energy of this mind of abundance is eternally flowing, radiating, expressing, and seeking to appear as abundance on the physical plane. […]

Everything You Need is Provided For

Look at spiritual wealth. Everything you need is within.  Everything I need is within. But how many things, really? Everything. Spiritual wealth—both invisible and visible—can only be obtained through realization. If there is no realization, there can be no materialization. If there is no materialization, there will be no manifestation. Realization begins within. It starts […]

You are Abundant

Abundance is sufficiency of supply. Abundance is a full measure of infinite good. In the invisible, the creative energy of God is also called Substance. I am moving in the creative energy of God. Ralph Waldo Emerson writes a lot about mixing thought with nature. That’s what abundance is. There is something in nature that […]

God is Your Source

The greater your understanding of Spirit as the Source, Substance, and Activity of your supply, the deeper the etching of the truth into your consciousness. We often become enslaved by money, and then it doesn’t work for us. The principle of it begins to work against us, instead, because we give our power away to […]

Your Awareness Matters

God is attracted to awareness. As you become more and more aware of God’s presence in you, you attract more and more of His presence. Awareness is the energy that pulls Him closer to you. Once you embrace His presence on the inside, it shows on the outside. When you bring God into the consciousness […]